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How to Outsource eBook Writing?

It's relatively common to outsource any book, but especially an eBook. Who outsources their books is a question you might have. In addition to lecturers who want to turn their lectures into eBooks for their students, people who are involved in other professions and do not have the time to write a book, businessmen who want to write business eBooks, and many others, they can be people who want to write down their research papers but lack the necessary time and writing skills.

This typically happens because the person who wants to write the book has a clear set of objectives and ideas, but they either lack the time, resources, or writing skills to create a full-fledged eBook. At this point, they begin looking for ghostwriters and content writers who will write the book on their behalf. However, they must know a few crucial understanding steps before we start.


If you outsource the writing of your book rather than writing it yourself, then your role will shift significantly, and you will be more like a project manager who must oversee the book-writing process. Like every project, they must complete a few tasks to finish the book. Let's look at what these tasks are in the next section.


The purpose of writing this book must be clear to you before you even begin hiring a book writer to write your eBook. This book may have been published if you wanted to shed light on the field you work in, in which case you also needed a writer who was familiar with that field. If you're writing this as a motivational book to inspire others, you must also pick a writer who is familiar with this writing style. You must also hire a book writer with academic experience who understands how to write educational material if this book is strictly educational and will act as a guide for your students. In short, we're saying that you need to hire a qualified writer who is aware of the book's scope and objectives. This makes it relatively easy for them to write eBooks.

Describing the work

Describing the book's scope is crucial when you begin this project with the writer you have hired. It would help if you outlined for them the reasons you wrote this book as well as the responsibilities they bear. This will also include your ideas for the book, such as how many chapters, pages, and even the word and paragraph limits you would like to set. You can also specify to the author any additional requirements you may have, such as the need for graphic diagrams. This step is crucial as it avoids misunderstandings and dissatisfaction once the work has been finished.

Handing over the material

The most crucial phase of the process, at which point you must submit all of your research notes, clip notes, and other materials you want to use in the book. This stage also includes a detailed project plan and everything you want the reader to experience while reading the book, including any images and the numerous sources of inspiration that helped you get started. The more thoroughly you engage in this process, the better your results will be, and the more closely the author's published work will mirror your original intent. Also, this is the time to start building a good working relationship with the eBook author because you'll want to share your ideas for the book at this stage.


You have a lot of options for outsourcing your book. Let's discuss a few of these possibilities.

Freelance websites and platforms

This is undoubtedly one of the most affordable and well-liked choices available. You can choose a writer based on their reviews and even the success rate of their prior work by visiting some of the most well-known websites for freelancers. These authors are typically adept at their work and can deliver satisfactory results.

Ghostwriting websites

If you're looking for professional work, by which we mean work that is certified to be of the highest quality – visit specialized ghostwriting websites to find the best writers who are professionals in what they do, have years of experience, and with whom you can collaborate easily.


This is probably the most challenging part for you, the eBook buyer. At this point, you would like to be around to have close supervision while the writer is writing the book. This is where having a solid working relationship with the writer comes into play. If you already have a good working relationship with the writer, you may advise them on how the eBook should take. Along with helping them out and providing materials, you can also approve the outline they submit. After all the supervision work and a few back and forth between you and the eBook writer, you can finalize the work.

How to choose a writing partner for an eBook?

When you're prepared to hire someone to write your eBook, look for the following qualities to identify the best content partner:

Experienced team: As eBooks differ from other types of material, it's crucial to pick a partner that has created successful e-books and can demonstrate how those books turned into high-quality customer leads.

Timely deliveries: While choosing the partner for your eBook writing, ensuring they provide timely delivery and fill the gaps when you are short on time can help you publish more content without scrambling to hire more people for your eBook.

Quality guaranteed: Confirm that your content partner stands behind the work they provide. To ensure that you receive exactly what you want, they should be prepared to offer at least one round of edits based on your feedback.

Highly creative services: While choosing the partner for your eBook writing, ensure they provide highly creative eBook writing services and are proficient at developing gripping stories, exciting characters, and organizing your eBook to read naturally and logically.

Final Thoughts

This was a brief how-to on outsourcing your eBook. The best way to publish an eBook is through self-publishing, where you control where and how the book is released and promoted. If you are at ease outsourcing your eBook, then you are also knowledgeable enough to understand that this is where we come in. The premier self-publishing book company like us would love to help you publish your eBook. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for further details and free consultation for your eBook writing burdens.