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Manuscript Critique

editor’s report

Developmental Editing

report + margin notes

Line Editing

line-by-line edits


Pre-publication polish

Everything Edit

Comprehensive editing

Book Editing Process


Manuscript Evaluation

After you avail our book editing services, our editors will read your book from cover to cover and create an editorial report for you.


The Magic Happens

Once you review and approve the report, our editors will start editing your book. You’ll be updated regularly about the progress and can share your feedback so we work according to your requirements.


The Project Completes

Once the editing is complete, your project manager will send you the files and complete the necessary paperwork to officially close the project.

Why Professional Book Writers?

Bringing your writing vision to life takes time and effort, which is why your manuscript deserves to be edited by someone who truly understands it.

Professional Book Writers are experienced and highly skilled in their craft, delivering polished and publication-ready books with a natural English tone. And the best part? You can get your book evaluated as many times as you need, all at an affordable price. We take the security of your work seriously, and all of our writers are required to sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Rest assured, your writing is in safe hands with Professional Book Writers.




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